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Painting machine CIMEX X590

Painting machine CIMEX X590
Painting machine CIMEX X590
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Painting machine CIMEX X590

Airless painting machine Cimex AIRLESS X590 is a professional machine for latex paint, acrylic and water-soluble paints. Paintable for both smooth and also structured (rough and porous) surfaces. It is used for applying different types of paints (having a viscosity of medium to high) as latex, acrylic paints, water-based paints, primers and others. Characterized by extremely high performance and versatility of application. The X590 can be used with one or airless paint guns and can work with a high-pressure hose of 60 m so it's perfect for painting facades, big warehouse walls and other big projects. Its flow rate is 5 l/min which makes it very efficient with one or two airless painting guns. Used mainly in construction when a needed painting of large areas with different types of paints - facades, walls, roofs and metal structures. Airless technology painting accepts even application of paint and achieving excellent coverage. The piston pump is driven by an electric engine. The system for regulating the discharge pressure provides a constant flow and smooth paint supply without a pause. With its rich standard kit, Cimex airless X590 allows achieving maximum results in maximum comfort at work.



  • High coverage and performance
  • Low operating cost
  • Reduces labour costs
  • Wide range of application
  • Ability to work with various types of paints


The standard set of airless paint Cimex airless X590 includes:

  • airless paint machine Cimex AIRLESS X590 - 1 pc.
  • High-pressure hose - 10 m
  • Probe suction paint filter - 1 pc.
  • Gun airless paint nozzle 625 "- 1
  • Extension gun 45 cm. - 1 pc.
  • Set of tools and accessories for cleaning - 1 pc.
  • Lubricant for the pump - 1.


Technical specification:

  • Voltage / Frequency: 220-240V / 50HZ
  • Power: 2.0 kW
  • Max. pressure: 210 BAR/3000PSI
  • Max. nozzle size with one pistol: 0.037"
  • Max. nozzle size with two pistols: 0.025"
  • Flow rate: 5 l/min
  • Length of high-pressure hose: 10 m


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