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Digital Laser Level Cimex LM30

Digital Laser Level Cimex LM30
Digital Laser Level Cimex LM30
Digital Laser Level Cimex LM30
Digital Laser Level Cimex LM30
Digital Laser Level Cimex LM30
Digital Laser Level Cimex LM30
Digital Laser Level Cimex LM30
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  • Model LM30

Digital Laser Level Cimex LM30

Laser tape measure 30 meters - convenient, compact and practical, this laser tape measure allows you to instantly measure distance, area and volume. Designed for everyday use mainly indoors, the laser tape measure offers a measuring range from 0.05 m to 30 meters with an accuracy of + -2 mm.

Unlike most models in this price range, this laser tape measure is equipped with all the necessary routine measuring functions for everyday - distance, area, volume.


The first thing that will impress you holding this tape measure in your hand is the compact rubber body that fits perfectly in your hand, providing maximum comfort when measuring. Made of strong plastic, completely edged with a rubberized profile, the body of the tape measure is designed to withstand drops, moisture, dust. The buttons are enlarged, so working with the laser tape measure even when wearing work gloves will not be a problem.


Depending on the distance to the measured object, the measurement is performed within 0.5 to 2 seconds. After pressing the measurement button, the laser tape measure emits a short sound that indicates that a measurement is being performed and at the moment it is completed. The measurement data is visualized by a convenient four-line backlit display, allowing easy reading of the measurements even in the absence of light.

If the measurement button is held down for a long time, the "dynamic measurement" function is activated - ie. mode in which the laser tape measure continuously measures the distance to the measured object, by subsequently pressing the measuring button the value is measured at the exact desired moment. Typically, this mode is used to determine the minimum and maximum distance.


From distance measurement mode to area measurement, switch by pressing the function button located in the middle. In this mode, with two consecutive measurements (width / length), the laser tape measure the area of ​​the room. When the function button is pressed again, it switches to volume measurement mode. To measure the volume it is necessary to measure length, width, height.



  • Measuring range: 50 mm to 30 meters
  • Accuracy: ± 2 mm +0.05 mm / m
  • Battery life: 5000 measurements
  • Auto power off function
  • Easy to use keyboard shortcuts
  • Batteries: 2 x 1.5 V / AA
  • Illuminated 4-line display
  • IP52 water / dust protection.

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