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Single drum pedestrian vibrating roller 266 kg. CIMEX VR160

Single drum pedestrian vibrating roller 266 kg. CIMEX VR160
Single drum pedestrian vibrating roller 266 kg. CIMEX VR160
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  • Brand CIMEX
  • Model CIMEX VR160

Single drum pedestrian vibrating roller 266 kg. CIMEX VR160

Single-banded manually driven roller 266 kg. - the perfect solution for asphalting pedestrian and bicycle lanes, sidewalks, parking and repair of asphalt pavements, laying and maintenance of red tennis courts, work in tight spaces. With its compact size and reversible travel reversing mechanism, the CIMEX VR160 uniaxial reversing roller is extremely easy to use, even in tight spaces.


The built-in vibration of the hand roller allows for optimum results when rolling and compacting aggregates and high strength when laying asphalt pavements. Using this small hand roller, you can roll with ease and lawns, replacing traditional garden rollers.

The drive of the single-axle roller is entrusted to the reliable and economical four-stroke, Cimex G200 gasoline engine, the engine torque being transmitted via the Japanese-made BDU-10S hydrostatic transmission to the leaders of Daikin-Sauer-Danfoss.




The chassis is made entirely of steel, covering all moving parts and providing reliable protection against mechanical damage. At its top is a hook that allows lifting the machine with a crane.



The control levers are located on a height-adjustable handle and allow easy change of direction of movement and change of speed of movement, through the manual gas mechanism, with a locking mechanism.


The drum is made of solid steel with high wear resistance and has a working width of 60 cm.



The scraper for cleaning the drum is adjustable, ensuring optimum cleaning of the drum from adhesive material. In this way, the working wear of the scraper can also be offset. The retractable manually driven roller is fitted as standard with two scrapers located on either side of the drum. This allows the roller drum to be cleaned in both directions.



The water tank is made of mechanical resistant plastic and has a capacity of 25 liters. It is charged through a convenient opening with a large diameter cap. An additional convenience is the quick dismantling function (without the need for tools) of the water tank, which, in addition to facilitating refilling, allows quick drainage during winter storage at low temperatures.



Invert protection is provided by two protective frames mounted on both sides of the drum to protect the operator from injury. They also ensure the stability of the machine during storage and transport.



The second drum (auxiliary), located on the rear guard frame of the CIMEX VR160 manual retractable roller, significantly reduces operator fatigue while operating, providing stable support. This also contributes significantly to the ease and control of long-term use, especially in slopes.

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